Tempo, Tempo, Tempo

In 2009, the Neches Lady Tigers lost in the Class A – Division II Texas State Basketball Championship. After coming so close to the coveted championship, Coach Andy Snider decided it was time to invest in a 6000 Series Gun from Shoot-A-Way. At that time, the Lady Tigers were a pressure defense team that created easy layups from their full-court pressure. But, Coach Snider wanted to develop his players into perimeter threats from the outside. So, he incorporated the Gun into practice for his players to get more shooting repetition. Since that time, the Lady Tigers have won 3 straight Class A – Division II State Championships and have accumulated a 108-11 record over the past three years.

Coach Snider states, “We use the Gun a little different than most. Because of our up-tempo style, we use our Gun as a conditioner. That way we can keep tempo in practice as fast as we want it to be. We use the timer on the Gun to make our kids stay up-tempo throughout practice.” To further improve that tempo, Coach Snider purchased the 8000 Series Gun at the beginning of the 2012 season. He believes with 2 Guns, he can now even push that tempo to a faster, more intense level.

We want to congratulate Coach Andy Snider and the Neches Lady Tigers on their 2010, 2011, and 2012 State Championships. Coach Snider may use the Gun “a little different than most”, but he has found a way to incorporate tempo and shooting throughout practice using the Gun, from Shoot-A-Way. And with 3 straight Texas Class A – Division II State Championships, it seems to be working pretty well. Our goals, your goals reached!!!