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Basketball Shooting Machine

The Gun 12k by Shoot-A-Way is the most advanced shooting machine in the world. Complete with a fully interactive touchscreen with unlimited programmable locations and a 19″ front display for instant feedback, drill instruction, exclusive live heatmap analytics, and much more.

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The Gun 12K by Shoot-A-Way includes a number of great features…

The Gun 12K Gun Features include:
Drag & Drop Programming

With unlimited locations on the touchscreen, you can touch ANY spot on the floor to shoot from, or drag and drop a ball to change a location.

Pass vs. Shot Location

Track stats of where the shot is being taken when using a passer or off the dribble. The Gun 12K will now keep accurate team or partner shooting stats where the shot is actually being taken rather than where the Gun is passing to!

Exclusive Live Heatmap

See a live heatmap during your workout on the front screen or side touchscreen for added motivation for your player. The Gun is the only machine in the world to offer this feature!

Real Time Analytics

Track 2’s, 3’s, and Free Throws within the same workout. Reports statistics in real-time on the touchscreen and front Scoreboard.

Makes in a Row Counter

Program shooting workouts that demand so many “makes in a row” before the Gun will move to the next spot.

Made at a Spot

Require made shots at a spot before going to the next spot.

Makes Required Mode

To challenge the best shooters. This will require shots to be MADE at a specific location before moving to the next spot. This allows you to focus on successful repetition vs just getting 500 shots in.

Multiplayer Stat Tracking

Allow multiple players to log in at once to track each player individually during team or partner workouts on The Gun 12K.

Integrated Speaker System

Play music through Bluetooth with your phone and listen to drill instruction videos.

On-Demand Workouts

Shoot-A-Way Trainers and Top College Coaches demonstrate shooting drills right on the screen and The Gun will automatically program itself.

Increase Arch

Increase players’ arch to 45 degrees and get a 44% increase in target size.

Countdown Bar

Countdown timer to let the players know when the next ball is going to be fired.

Passes up to 1800 shots per hour

Receive up to 1800 passes per hour. The top in the industry.

Collection Net

Industries only hand-made netting that is strong and transparent. Adjust from 11′-14′ to force players to shoot with the right amount of arch from the shooting spot.

Easy Setup and Take Down

Set up or take down in less than 30 seconds.

One-Piece Construction

Perfect height to roll through any standard doorway. No assembly!

Wireless Remote

Start or stop the Gun from firing anytime. Control time between passing allowing you to change a drill. Manually fire balls with the push of a button making it easier to teach correct shooting form.

Customize Your Branding

Your team colors, branding and logo on the sides of The Gun added for FREE.

Industry Leading Warranty

5-year warranty on parts and a 1-year warranty on the shooting net.

Optional Accessories (additional cost)
  • Post Passer – “catch” net that allows players to move the Gun away from the basket and receive post-entry passes
  • Storage Cover 

We use the Gun a little different than most. We use the Gun as a conditioner. That way we can keep the tempo in practice as fast as we want it.


We were not the most gifted team as far as athleticism, but we were a very good shooting team, as a direct result from using the Shootaway Guns.


We use both Guns daily in practice, and we flat try to wear them out!


Our shooting percentages from 2FG’s and 3FG’s have improved 10% during the last two year’s since we began our workouts with the machine. This past season our team shot 37% from the 3pt. line with our best shooter hitting 49% from the arc. It was a very easy decision to order our 2nd Gun!


The Gun is one of the best investments we have ever made. You don’t want to go into battle without one!


There is no question in my mind that the Gun has played a significant role in our success. Several kids average 3000 shots per week.


The Gun enables us to get game-like situations and a lot of repetition. I am a die-hard Gun guy.


We find the Gun absolutely essential to increasing our shooting % during the season. The Gun forces you to put arch on the ball through repetition.


The road to success is always under construction & part of our road runs through the use of our Guns!


Guys can come in and get 500-800 shots up in 30 minutes. The Gun is a HUGE part of our program.


he Gun we bought several years ago has helped our team average 27 wins per season over the past 5 years. This includes the 2012 NCISAA 3A State Championship. The number of players that have benefitted from Gun include these Atlantic Coast Conference players who graduated from Ravenscroft: Marc Campbell (UNC 2009), Ryan Kelly (Duke 2013), Luke Davis (UNC 2015), Joell Hopkins (Florida State 2015), and Madison Jones (Wake Forest 2016). Without the Gun, these players wouldn’t be where they are today.


We use the Guns in individual workouts, before and after practice, and believe that the Gun is a great tool to get a lot of shots up in a short period of time.


With 2 Guns it’s quick to get in the extra work it takes to be Great Shooters, and about that Rebounder, there is no doubt it made us tougher on the boards.


During the summer at open gym we get great workouts in. With the Gun our FG% and FT% climbed.


You have a great machine. We love it.


Using the Guns has been a valuable asset in building our program’s winning tradition


We feel very fortunate to have had four consecutive trips to the State Championship game (State Record), claiming back to back titles in 2006 and 2007. Our team success would not have been possible without your shooting gun! The amount of shots our kids get up in the off-season is remarkable! Thanks and “Best Swishes”!


Our Guns help our players at all levels get the repetition and arch development necessary to be champions.


Mullin High School – Colorado Head Coach Porter Cutrell – 2 State Championships. – Five Centennial League Titles.


The Gun really improved our shooting percentage and enabled us to shoot almost 45% from behind the arc during our two state championship seasons! It’s a great product — I am definitely a believer!


The Guns have allowed us to increase our shooting % in every category!


Anadarko Basketball Program Brett Sanders (Girls Coach) Doug Schumpert (Boys Coach) Combined Girls And Boys: 4 State Championships


With 2 Guns it’s quick to get in the extra work it takes to be Great Shooters, and about that Rebounder, there is no doubt it made us tougher on the boards.


We use the Gun daily in practice during our season. We have a station in every practice with 2 to 3 girls shooting on the Gun.


Our improved success as a program has increased each year due to the fact we were able to shoot higher percentages from the floor. We’ve increased our 3 pt shooting percentage from 33% as a team 2 years ago to over 40% as a team in our championship season. We also shoot 52% from 2 as a team. These shooting percentages directly relate to our game-like workouts and added repetition that our Gun shooting machines offer.


We would not have won our first State Championship without the Gun.


Easy of set up and tear down and it’s versatility.


Ease of set up and break down.


So many more options that had created more ownership for our players.


Best model I’ve seen yet.


Much better. Love the Bluetooth sound system. Great for individual shooting drills….adds music to our practices..


It is pretty much perfect, IMO! Not much to improve on…


I love the amount of shots we can get in a short amount of time. I also like the shot tracker system.


I like the Shot Tracking, different spots to have the ball pass to, and the different net heights.


10k gun is much more hi tech and easy to use than the previous models. I love the free throw mode


Easy to set up. It is great….not sure how to improve it.


The bluetooth speaker is tremendous!


It does not get better than the 10K.


The touch screen display is the best. It is quick and easy to pick your different shot locations. I also really enjoy the feature which forces you to make so many in a row before you switch spots.


The players enjoy the added features of the 10K and its efficiency and ability to keep track of shooting proficiency is the best part.


Great upgrade from 8000/ readout is better, much faster than 8000, lighter to push, more compact.


The NEW 10K is much easier to set/take down. The kids love the touch screen and the streaming music.


Lighter than previous models. Much quieter. Keeps balls in the net better Much more efficient Speakers are a great enhancement as well as ongoing stats (Shot Builder Program)


The touch screen is so much nicer to use. Being able to pick the exact location of the shots and having so many options is awesome.


I love how custom our players’ shooting plan can be. The app is great so they can hold each other accountable and compete against one another.


The 10K is the best shooting machine that I have ever worked with. I love the Apps, the touchscreen and the efficiency of the 10K.

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Exclusive Heatmap Analytics

  • Get Instant Results, no app needed
  • Track percentages of Shots On The Move, Catch and Shoot and Off The Dribble
  • See how many you can make in a row with the all-new Streak Counter
See The Technology

Drag & Drop Programming

  • Touch ANY spot you want to shoot from, or drag a ball to any spot for quick drill edits
  • Unlimited programmable locations available!
  • Track 2’s, 3’s and Free Throws within the same workout

Team Leaderboards

  • Display your team’s leaderboard on any TV using The Gun 12K’s exclusive Leaderboard Technology
  • Create competitions among your team and display the leaderboard on a TV in your locker room, office or gym
  • Set goals for your team and create more accountability by displaying the leaderboard for everyone to see

Multiplayer Mode

    • Track up to 8 players at once with Multiplayer Mode
    • Get the most out of your team or partner workouts
    • Keep your players accountable for their progress
    • Foster a competitive practice environment
    • Track and analyze team and individual progress

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind all of our products If you are unsatisfied with your purchase within 30 days, of delivery we will refund 100% money back.



Feel safe with the longest warranty in the industry. Protect yourself with a full 5-year limited manufacturer warranty.


Trusted Customer Service

We are available Monday – Friday 9-5 pm or contact us and you will received a response back within 24-48 hours

we build quality products & we stand by our craftmanship.

The Gun Home Edition

Your new training partner for home

The most affordable Basketball Shooting Gun for homes. Made in the USA, The Gun Home Edition has 11 programmable spots around the perimeter, 10 distance adjustments and is 100 pounds lighter than our flagship models! Score more, wait less – order yours online and start practicing in no time.

The Gun 12K

Worlds Most Advanced Shooting Machine

Complete with an interactive touchscreen, unlimited programmable locations, multiplayer stat tracking, 250+ pre-programmed drills and video instruction from college basketball’s top coaches, advanced heatmap analytics, and a web-based dashboard to manage your players, drills, and stats.

The Gun 10K

Efficient workouts with added analytics

The Gun 10K comes with a 7″ touchscreen with up to 17 programmable locations, an app for the player and coach to track stats, and a front scoreboard that displays the total shots taken, total makes, and your shooting percentage. This model also has a sequence shooting mode for custom workout programming.


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