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“The gun is as much a part of our routine as basketballs and gym shoes” – H.S. Coach in Michigan


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Leaderboard Technology Package

  • Connect all of your Gun’s to one network to display stats and leaderboard information to a TV screen.
  • Create competitions among your members and display the results each week.
  • Increase revenue by 40% for your facility.

Advanced Analytics

  • Instant results displayed on The Gun touchscreen and a TV above the basket
  • Heatmap shown during the players workout
  • Increased accountability

Dependability of the Gun

  • Trusted 24/7 by basketball training facilities around the world
Just Hoops by Shoot-A-Way

we build quality products & we stand by our craftmanship.

The Gun Home Edition

Your new training partner for home

The most affordable Basketball Shooting Gun for homes. Made in the USA, The Gun Home Edition has 11 programmable spots around the perimeter, 10 distance adjustments and is 100 pounds lighter than our flagship models! Score more, wait less – order yours online and start practicing in no time.

The Gun 12K

Worlds Most Advanced Shooting Machine

Complete with an interactive touchscreen, unlimited programmable locations, multiplayer stat tracking, 250+ pre-programmed drills and video instruction from college basketball’s top coaches, advanced heatmap analytics, and a web-based dashboard to manage your players, drills, and stats.

The Gun 10K

Efficient workouts with added analytics

The Gun 10K comes with a 7″ touchscreen with up to 17 programmable locations, an app for the player and coach to track stats, and a front scoreboard that displays the total shots taken, total makes, and your shooting percentage. This model also has a sequence shooting mode for custom workout programming.

Questions? We’ve Got Answers!
What is a basketball shooting machine?

A basketball shooting machine is used for dramatically improving your ball players shot. The basketball shooting machine will act as an automatic rebounder, instantly rebounding a made or missed shot and giving a direct return pass for another shot.

What is the price of each model?

The Pricing on the gun varies depending on features and add-ons. Give us a call at 800-294-4654 or email [email protected] for more info.

What are the dimensions of The Gun?

Each model of The Gun is 78” tall, 28” wide and 52” long. They will fit through any standard sized doorway.

What is the warranty of The Gun?

All new & reconditioned models come with a 5-year warranty and a 1-year warranty on the netting.

Can The Gun be used outdoors?

Yes, all models work great outdoors! Just make sure to store the machine out of the elements when not in use (garage, shed, etc.). The Gun is not waterproof.

Does The Gun come assembled?

Yes, every machine comes 100% assembled and ready to use. Once the customer receives the machine, they can begin shooting within minutes!

Do you offer financing for The Gun?

We do offer financing to accredited schools with administrator signatures on our Shoot-A-Way Financing Agreement. We unfortunately do not finance to individuals or businesses. For more questions, please contact our sales team at 800-294-4654 or email [email protected] for more info.

How long does it take to receive it?

All of The Gun models generally takes 1-2 weeks to deliver and ship.

Does it cost extra to customize the colors?

No, there is no extra cost to customize your machine’s colors. This feature is included in the price of the gun.

Can I add my logo to my Gun?

Yes, you can add any logo you would like by sending a high-resolution image to your sales rep. Shoot-A-Way does not provide any logo design services.

Can I trade-in my old Gun and upgrade to a new model?

Absolutely! Give us a call at 800-294-4654 or email [email protected] for more info. We are offering a trade-in credit so contact us today!

Design Your Own Gun

Create a custom design for your own Gun. Choose your own colors, add your logo, then share it or request a quote, with the Customizer tool.


We use the Gun a little different than most. We use the Gun as a conditioner. That way we can keep the tempo in practice as fast as we want it.


We were not the most gifted team as far as athleticism, but we were a very good shooting team, as a direct result from using the Shootaway Guns.


We use both Guns daily in practice, and we flat try to wear them out!


Our shooting percentages from 2FG’s and 3FG’s have improved 10% during the last two year’s since we began our workouts with the machine. This past season our team shot 37% from the 3pt. line with our best shooter hitting 49% from the arc. It was a very easy decision to order our 2nd Gun!


The Gun is one of the best investments we have ever made. You don’t want to go into battle without one!

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