Basketball players around the world use the Gun to improve their game.

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Patents:  9,017,188C1 – 8,206,246B2 – 10,518,153B2 – 9,233,292B2 – 10,675,523B2 – 10,737,162B2

  1. Touch Programming to Select Location
  2. Showing Percentages at Spots on an Interface
  3. Makes In-A-Row, Made At A Spot
  4. Sequential Programming of Spots
  5. Recording 2’s and 3’s stats
  6. Showing Roster with Percentages
  7. Stats at spots shown on a mobile device
  8. Stats at spots shown on a website
  9. Touch Programming with a Net Above The Rim
  10. Visual Depiction of Stats per Spot
  11. Programming from a Remote Location
  12. A Network Connecting 2 Units
  13. Touch Programming /Selecting the Number of Shots Per Spot
  14. Touch Programming/Selecting Time Between Throws
  15. Touch Programming/Counter for Made Shots


We’re sorry to say that even though we have patents, it may not stop China from copying our Intellectual Property and selling a similar product for a lower price.

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