Go Green!

Your inner coach is someone who helps you out or breaks you down. Treat your inner coach like a traffic light: Red = Negative Thought (“I can’t do this” or “I suck”) Yellow = Wavering (“I don’t know if I can do this”) Green = Positive Thought (“I got this”) It’s human nature to doubt yourself when you are struggling. For most, our inner coach is quiet when things are good. It waits to show up & tell us when things are going bad. The goal should be to turn our inner coach into somebody who can guide us through the tough times by sending us messages that ensure our self-trust. Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts and then trust them! 3 steps to getting back to positive once doubt & negativity creeps in: Acknowledge the thought (“I can’t do this”) Interrupt the thought Replace the thought (“I can do this”) Go Green! All-in with thoughts that contain self-trust.