Coach Jarocki

In the world of coaching, there is an adage that states expectations lead to belief, belief leads to action, and action leads to results. When Highlands Ranch Girls’ Basketball Coach Caryn Jarocki was asked what attribute has made the biggest difference in her program, she stated, “high expectations and high goals”. And with six Colorado State Championships over the last nine years and 390 career wins, who can argue? Maybe there is some truth to the adage.

In January of 2003, Coach Jarocki raised the funds to purchase the “gun” from Shoot-A-Way as just one of the many resources they use to implement the principle of high expectations. In 2006, the boys program raised the funds to purchase the school’s second “gun”, and now both programs share the shooting aids to benefit athletes from both teams. Coach Jarocki believes, “our players must have the best and look the best, so they can feel good about themselves.” Her commitment to this principle is also a catalyst to her continuous success.

Over the last five years, Coach Jarocki has utilized the use of the “gun” to build confidence in her players. She explains, “When a kid is struggling with shooting, it is amazing how much the gun helps with building their confidence. I just tell them to go get on the gun.” When using the shooting tool in open gym, Coach Jarocki tries to incorporate the fundamentals of passing and ballhandling to improve her players’ overall development, but she believes the “gun” has made the biggest difference in the individual motivation of her players. “I think the gun has really motivated our kids to shoot on their own.” When it comes to initiative, Coach Jarocki has provided the resources necessary for her players to make positive choices.

Coach Caryn Jarocki has dedicated her time and effort into developing high expectations and high goals for herself and the athletes in her program at Highlands Ranch. Her dedication and commitment to excellence is evident through the results her program has produced. At Shoot-A-Way, we want to congratulate and commend the success of Coach Jarocki and her basketball program. Our goals are your goals!! The “Gun” by Shoot-A-Way, Got yours??