Coach Meyer

Don Meyer, head coach of the Northern State Wolves Men’s Basketball Team, believes there are 3 rules you must follow to achieve excellence in any endeavor:

  1. Find your unique talent or gift.
  2. Develop that talent or gift to the highest possible potential.
  3. Give that gift away everyday.

And these three rules have allowed Coach Meyer to become the all-time winningest basketball coach in Men’s NCAA history, when he won his 903rd game on January 10th, 2009.

On May 9th, 2009, Coach Meyer was found following rule #3, as he spoke to over 2000 college and high school basketball coaches at the Las Vegas Nike Clinic on “Fundamentals and Drills for Shooting Improvement.” During his on-the-court demonstration, Coach Meyer used the “Gun”, by Shoot-A-Way, to establish the importance of building good shooting habits through repetition. Throughout his demonstration, the “Gun” stood by as an assistant coach and allowed Coach Meyer to implement several shooting instructions such as the importance of proper footwork, economy of motion, and bounce-hand pickup. As Coach Meyer explained, “You don’t shoot fast, you get ready fast.”

Shoot-A-Way is proud to be a part of Coach Meyer’s basketball program. With 910 wins, Coach Meyer is a living example of how his three rules work, and with over 10,000 “Guns” currently being used around the world, we believe we have found something that can help your players develop their talent to the highest possible level. The “Gun” by Shoot-A-Way, Got yours?