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What is the better basketball shooting machine?

Compared to the Competition

The Gun 12k & The Gun 10k vs Dr.Dish CT & Dr.Dish All-Star

The Gun Home Edition

Your new training partner for home

The most affordable Basketball Shooting Gun for homes. Made in the USA, The Gun Home Edition has 11 programmable spots around the perimeter, 10 distance adjustments and is 100 pounds lighter than our flagship models! Score more, wait less – order yours online and start practicing in no time.

The Gun 12K

Worlds Most Advanced Shooting Machine

Complete with an interactive touchscreen, unlimited programmable locations, multiplayer stat tracking, 250+ pre-programmed drills and video instruction from college basketball’s top coaches, advanced heatmap analytics, and a web-based dashboard to manage your players, drills, and stats.

The Gun 10K

Efficient workouts with added analytics

The Gun 10K comes with a 7″ touchscreen with up to 17 programmable locations, an app for the player and coach to track stats, and a front scoreboard that displays the total shots taken, total makes, and your shooting percentage. This model also has a sequence shooting mode for custom workout programming.