Hope College

Tyler Haldeman – 12/14/2020

Hope College, Holland Michigan. A Division III MIAA Championship Factory. Truly a program that built itself through hard work, repetition, and countless reps on The Gun!  Their collective championship speaks for itself – Since the year 2000 the women’s program has produced 12 outright MIAA Championships and 4 Co-Championships. The men’s Program has produced 8 outright MIAA Championships and 3 Co Championships. Between the two Programs, that is 20 Championships and 7 Co-Championships!

Hope College has had 8 guns throughout the years, and they use them every single day. Coach Brian Morehouse, Head Woman’s Basketball Coach, had this to say about The Gun:

The Gun has been instrumental in our skill development. It has allowed us to maximize our practice times both individually and in group work. We use our Guns every day, and it shows in the improvement from a player’s freshman-senior season. The improvements that the Gun continues to make allow our players to set up and take the Gun down quickly, to accurately track their workouts, and to use their time efficiently.”

Thank you to the entire basketball staff at Hope College, you all are a true testament of the power you gain when you utilize The Gun in your program!