The Adams Boys – How Gun Changed Their Lives

Cade and Ry Adams are two prime examples of what having access to a Gun can do for you as a player and a person! Through prolonged use of The Gun both were able to develop into high level shooters resulting in a Scholarship for Ry and the #2 shooter in the state of Ohio for Cade during his senior season at Upper Sandusky High School!

On top of everything The Gun did for them in the game of basketball, they also acquired some other key life skills through their countless hours of improving themselves – Work ethic, personal responsibility, and confidence and how to take advantage of an opportunity that is presented to them!

Here is what they had to say about their experience with The Gun –

“The Gun is one of the most influential things in my life. Growing up being the least athletic and shortest player on the court I knew dunking was never going to be an option. The Gun allowed me to extremely outwork others. The hours on the Gun allowed me to become a marksman and have extreme confidence in any shot I shot. The thing that is most helpful about the Gun is that fact that I could fix my shooting slumps and slight errors in my shot very quickly. Without the Gun my shooting slumps would last at least a month. The Gun not only made me a better shooter but gave me the number one thing any basketball player needs, confidence.”

-Cade Adams

“I would say that the gun has changed my life. Having the opportunity to be in an environment where one was provided for me has helped me in multiple avenues of life. The countless hours of shooting alone in a gym has led to success throughout high school as well as a college scholarship. The Gun has taught me how to cultivate a work ethic, how to take responsibility for my own dreams, as well as the process it takes to be successful in the game of basketball and life. I am thankful for The Gun for multiple opportunities to travel the United States as well as giving me the opportunity to go to college and find my new wonderful fiancé.

The slogan is true,

Prolonged use will change your life.”

-Ry Adams

Living, breathing evidence that prolonged use of The Gun can really change your life!