Michael Porter Jr. has used The Gun since 5th Grade


Michael Porter Jr., a standout player for the Denver Nuggets, is known for his exceptional shooting skills and dedication to perfecting his craft. His journey to becoming a premier shooter in the NBA began long before he donned a Nuggets jersey. It all started in fifth grade when he first began using The Gun basketball shooting machine, a tool that would become instrumental in his development as a player.

Early Beginnings with The Gun

From a young age, Porter showed immense promise on the basketball court. Recognizing his potential, his family introduced him to The Gun, a basketball shooting machine designed to help players get up thousands of shots in a short period. This machine quickly became a staple in his training regimen. Alongside his sister, Michael would spend countless hours in the Mizzou arena, perfecting their shooting techniques and getting up thousands of shots each day. This relentless practice and dedication to mastering the art of shooting set the foundation for Porter’s future success.

The Role of The Gun in Porter’s Development

The Gun is more than just a shooting machine; it’s a tool that allows players to refine their shooting mechanics, improve accuracy, and build confidence. For Michael Porter Jr., it was an essential part of his daily routine. By consistently using The Gun, he was able to develop a reliable and efficient shooting form, which has become one of his defining attributes as a player.

Porter credits The Gun for significantly contributing to his shooting prowess. He believes that the countless reps he put in, day after day, not only improved his shooting but also conditioned him physically and mentally for the rigors of professional basketball. The repetition and muscle memory developed through this rigorous practice allowed Porter to shoot with confidence and precision, even under the intense pressure of NBA games.

Continuing the Tradition with the Denver Nuggets

Even as a professional player, Michael Porter Jr. has not abandoned the tools and techniques that helped him reach the NBA. He continues to use The Gun with the Denver Nuggets, integrating it into his training routine for conditioning and spot-to-spot shooting drills. This consistent practice ensures that his shooting remains sharp and his confidence stays high.

Porter often emphasizes that he couldn’t have become the player he is today without the daily use of The Gun. The machine has been a constant in his life, helping him maintain his shooting skills and stay in top form. His dedication to using The Gun every day for getting up reps has made shooting one of his best attributes as a player.

The Impact on His Career

Michael Porter Jr.’s commitment to mastering the art of shooting has paid off significantly. His shooting ability is a key component of his game, allowing him to score efficiently and contribute effectively to his team’s success. The confidence and consistency he gained from using The Gun have made him a formidable shooter in the NBA.

In Porter’s own words, The Gun has been indispensable to his career. He plans to continue using it throughout his professional journey, always striving to improve and maintain his edge as a top shooter. For aspiring basketball players looking to enhance their shooting skills, Michael Porter Jr.’s story is a testament to the power of dedication, repetition, and the right tools.

In conclusion, Michael Porter Jr.’s success as a shooter can be traced back to his early days with The Gun basketball shooting machine. From fifth grade to the NBA, his relentless practice and commitment to improving his craft have made him one of the best shooters in the game. His story serves as an inspiration to young athletes everywhere, demonstrating that with the right mindset and tools, greatness is achievable.