Exclusive Feature – Hear The SWISH


6 Reasons Why The Swish Matters

    1. Positive Reinforcement: The “swish” sound can serve as an auditory reward, signaling to the player that they’ve made a perfect shot that didn’t make contact with the rim or backboard. Over time, this sound can serve as a form of positive reinforcement, encouraging proper form and technique.
    2. Heightens Focus on Accuracy: By striving to hear the “swish” with every shot, players may increase their concentration on ensuring they’re using the correct shooting mechanics, which can help improve accuracy over time.
    3. Consistency: Consistently hearing the swish can help players gauge the consistency of their shot. If a player isn’t hearing the swish regularly, it can be an indicator to adjust and refine their shooting technique.
    4. Boosts Confidence: Success breeds confidence. Every time a player hears the swish, it can be a confidence booster, reinforcing the feeling that they’re doing something right and building their self-assurance on the court.
    5. Sensory Feedback: Basketball involves multi-sensory feedback. While much emphasis is placed on the visual (seeing the shot go in), the auditory feedback (hearing the swish) adds another layer of sensory information. This multi-sensory feedback can contribute to muscle memory, helping players internalize what a good shot “feels” and “sounds” like.
    6. Feedback in Absence of a Defender: Shooting machines allow players to take many shots in a short amount of time without the presence of a defender. The “swish” provides feedback in these situations where defensive pressure isn’t a factor, allowing players to focus on pure shooting technique.


On The Gun, the player will get the best game-like shooting experience compared to other shooting machines on the market –  between the (real) swish, clear see-through netting, and the quiet, consistent back-spin passes. See how The Gun stacks up to the competition.