Basketball players around the world use the Gun to improve their game.

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20 Killer Shooting Drills To Develop Into A Great Shooter

These best shooting drills for basketball practice enable you to amp things up and continuously strive to improve every aspect of their shooting ability.The panache of a basketball player reflects in his shooting abilities more than any other. As a result, basketball enthusiasts and buddying basketball players aim at being the best shooters because the associated...

Ask Yourself Why?

“I think the biggest thing for young players now is to ask, “why”?”- Kobe Bryant This was Kobe’s answer when he was asked about air-balling four shots in a row during overtime in a playoff game. He explained that he asked himself why he air-balled those four shots. The answer to his “why” was “my legs were...

Go Green!

Your inner coach is someone who helps you out or breaks you down. Treat your inner coach like a traffic light: Red = Negative Thought (“I can’t do this” or “I suck”) Yellow = Wavering (“I don’t know if I can do this”) Green = Positive Thought (“I got this”)It’s human nature to doubt yourself when you...

Dealing Hope

WHAT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE POINT GUARD? – Sherri Coale, Oklahoma Women’s Basketball Head Coach "Deal Hope!"When you go negative, it gets better 0% of the time.When a player messes up = they look around“the most important 3 seconds.” Coaches/Teammates can:Confirm they messed up or Build them up3 Steps to get your...

Coach Wyland

The Gun has transformed the way our guys think about individual shooting time. With the 8000 we can get game shots, at game spots, at game intensity without a large amount of supervision from the coaching staff. They are able to work harder, and smarter.- Chris Wyland, Umatilla High School, Cross Country Coach, Boys Basketball Coach ...

Coach Meyer

Don Meyer, head coach of the Northern State Wolves Men’s Basketball Team, believes there are 3 rules you must follow to achieve excellence in any endeavor:Find your unique talent or gift.Develop that talent or gift to the highest possible potential.Give that gift away everyday.And these three rules have allowed Coach Meyer to become the all-time winningest...