Basketball players around the world use the Gun to improve their game.

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Micah Mason from 4th Grade to Leading the Nation

When Duquesne’s top NCAA three-point shooter Micah Mason was in grade school, his parents transformed their home basketball court, which wasn’t close to regulation size, into the training ground for an all-star using the Gun. Throughout his entire youth, Micah spent hours launching jumper after jumper into his backyard hoop. By junior year of highschool, Micah’s outstanding technique turned him into a Division I prospect, averaging 33.3 points per game. Today, he’s the nation’s leading three-point shooter.

Follow Micah’s story below as he practiced with the Gun at home, in high school, and later in college:

Micah Mason in the 4th Grade
Micah Mason in the 10th Grade
Micah Mason as a Senior
Micah Mason Making 52 in a Row
Micah Mason Highlights 2014-15
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