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We are thrilled to partner with WNBA player Sophie Cunningham to bring to you exclusive savings on your Gun purchase!

Stay tuned for new content from Sophie
showing how she uses her Gun
in her shooting workouts

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    • 1 Trains muscle memory
    • 2 Intense Repetition
    • 3 Team or Individual Drills
    • 4 500 Shots in 20-30 minutes
    • 5 easy setup & takedown
    • 6 Live Heatmap Analytics
    • 1 Train muscle memory
    • 2 fast action shooting
    • 3 play up to 12 players
    • 4 intense workout drills
    • 5 easy setup & takedown
    • 6 LED digital Scoreboard

    Save $500 using promo code SOPHIE9

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    SAVE $500

    On All New Models of The Gun

    Using Promo Code: sophie9

    The Latest in Basketball Shooting Technology

    Strength training measured with result driven data.

    Real-Time Analytics

    Tracks 2 and 3 point shots, Free Throws and reports statistics in real time on the touch screen.

    Touch Screen

    Allows players to touch the spots where they want to receive the pass and be shooting in a matter of seconds.

    Increase Arch

    Increase players arch to 45 degrees and get a 44% increase in target size.

    Post Passer

    Optional net accessory that allows for players to move the Gun away to receive post entry passes

    Makes in a Row

    Program shooting workouts that demand so many ``makes in a row`` before the target moves.

    Heart Rate Tracker

    Track heart rate and compare it to shooting percentage.


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