Generational Shooting Improvement – Darren Jackson – Varsity Girls Basketball Coach, North Salinas High School

Since I started my position here at Shoot-A-Way, the one of the things that has continuously amazed me about our products are the countless stories and testimonials from our most experienced coaches on the impact and longevity of our machines.

Below is a quote from Coach Darren Jackson. Darren and I had an opportunity to talk about the thousands of players that have improved their shooting through countless reps on The Gun 6000 that he had purchased back in 2002. His machine is going on 19 years of high-volume shooting and improvement!

“My name is Darren Jackson, Varsity Girls Head Coach at North Salinas High School and the Director of the Jackson All-Stars basketball program. I own the 6000 Series first ever shooting machine. I purchased it in 2002. This purchase has been the best decision that I have made as a basketball coach to help improve my player’s shooting skills. I have coached for over 20 years and 1,000’s of players have benefitted from using this machine. After 18 years this machine is still going strong, with no problem. This is an incredible machine! With the longevity of the machine and the fantastic customer service, I am a Shoot-Away customer for life!”

When asked what sets us apart from the competition, customers like Coach Darren make it easy to say that overall quality and American craftsmanship is the #1 thing that sets us apart from anyone else on the market.

If you have a similar story to Coach Darren, we would love to hear it!