Basketball players around the world use the Gun to improve their game.

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Keys to Finishing

Posted on December 10, 2020 by Drew SloneIn the game of basketball as players, we want to be efficient around the basket. The closer we are to the basket the higher percentage the shot. Competitive games are often won or lost by how well a team converts layups and finishes.Here are 4 keys to finishing around the rim:1. Eyes...

Understanding Your Role: “Do Your Job”

Posted on November 20, 2020 by Matt LehmannHow would you define your role on your team? Are you the primary ball handler, spot up shooter, lock down defender, hustle player, or the team leader? Everyone has a role that is extremely valuable in the success of their team. Once you figure out what that role is, it is your...

20 Killer Shooting Drills To Develop Into A Great Shooter

These best shooting drills for basketball practice enable you to amp things up and continuously strive to improve every aspect of their shooting ability.The panache of a basketball player reflects in his shooting abilities more than any other. As a result, basketball enthusiasts and buddying basketball players aim at being the best shooters because the associated...

Ask Yourself Why?

“I think the biggest thing for young players now is to ask, “why”?”- Kobe Bryant This was Kobe’s answer when he was asked about air-balling four shots in a row during overtime in a playoff game. He explained that he asked himself why he air-balled those four shots. The answer to his “why” was “my legs were...

Go Green!

Your inner coach is someone who helps you out or breaks you down. Treat your inner coach like a traffic light: Red = Negative Thought (“I can’t do this” or “I suck”) Yellow = Wavering (“I don’t know if I can do this”) Green = Positive Thought (“I got this”)It’s human nature to doubt yourself when you...

Dealing Hope

WHAT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE POINT GUARD? – Sherri Coale, Oklahoma Women’s Basketball Head Coach "Deal Hope!"When you go negative, it gets better 0% of the time.When a player messes up = they look around“the most important 3 seconds.” Coaches/Teammates can:Confirm they messed up or Build them up3 Steps to get your...