Basketball players around the world use the Gun to improve their game.

The Gun 6000The Gun 6000

The Gun 8000The Gun 8000

The Gun 10kThe Gun 10k

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Go Green!

Your inner coach is someone who helps you out or breaks you down. Treat your inner coach like a traffic light: Red = Negative Thought (“I can’t do this” or “I suck”) Yellow = Wavering (“I don’t know if I can do this”) Green = Positive Thought (“I got this”)It’s human nature to doubt yourself when you...

Dealing Hope

WHAT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE POINT GUARD? – Sherri Coale, Oklahoma Women’s Basketball Head Coach "Deal Hope!"When you go negative, it gets better 0% of the time.When a player messes up = they look around“the most important 3 seconds.” Coaches/Teammates can:Confirm they messed up or Build them up3 Steps to get your...

Coach Wyland

The Gun has transformed the way our guys think about individual shooting time. With the 8000 we can get game shots, at game spots, at game intensity without a large amount of supervision from the coaching staff. They are able to work harder, and smarter.- Chris Wyland, Umatilla High School, Cross Country Coach, Boys Basketball Coach ...

Coach Meyer

Don Meyer, head coach of the Northern State Wolves Men’s Basketball Team, believes there are 3 rules you must follow to achieve excellence in any endeavor:Find your unique talent or gift.Develop that talent or gift to the highest possible potential.Give that gift away everyday.And these three rules have allowed Coach Meyer to become the all-time winningest...

Coach Wise

During the 2010 basketball season, Jack Yates High School of Houston, Texas, broke the all-time record for points per game, averaging 116 points per game. Coach Greg Wise and the Lions also scored 100 points in 26 games, won back-to-back Texas 4A State championships, and won 58 consecutive games in 2009 & 2010. By the way, did...

Robert Smith

“The New Gun 8000 is an incredible machine!”“Our kids will get in 500 shots and are excited for more.”“The most valuable aspect of the New Gun 8000 is that our kids really enjoy working together in groups. Team chemistry is the key component to winning championships, and that is exactly what this machine has done for...

Coach Jarocki

In the world of coaching, there is an adage that states expectations lead to belief, belief leads to action, and action leads to results. When Highlands Ranch Girls’ Basketball Coach Caryn Jarocki was asked what attribute has made the biggest difference in her program, she stated, “high expectations and high goals”. And with six Colorado State...

Coach West

“The Gun is what put us in the State Tournament the last two years and is the reason we won the State Championship.” These are the words of Marshall County High School’s new Head Girls’ Basketball Coach Boyd West. Coach West was the assistant coach over the past two seasons and is part of the Marshall...