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John JosephJohn Joseph – John is the owner of Shoot-A-Way and the inventor of the products that coaches all over the country are using to improve the skills of their basketball players on a daily basis.  While in 8th grade, John went to a basketball camp at Ashland College where he saw a 1950's film about Duke University using net systems to help return the basketball to shooters. Not only that, but the net systems actually helped shooters improve their shooting percentage by 10%. So, John told his camp coach that he was going to build one, and that is just what he did when he got home from camp.  With pipe and wire, he went out and designed a system that would make him a better shooter and set it up in his neighborhood.  People often laughed at the contraption, but it did the trick.  While in college years later, he re-designed the system and offered it to coaches as a tool for improved shooting. Most coaches were skeptical, but in 1982, a successful coach in Pennsylvania purchased the first one as a resource for his players to get better faster.  John knew that if one coach liked it, thousands more would also.  Currently, over 10,000 Shoot-A-Ways have been sold across the country!  But, that was just the tip of the iceberg.  In 1998, John wanted to come up with a way for the ball to be passed back to shooters, and that was when the “Gun” was created.  In 1999, the University of Florida was the first school to invest in one, and now over 17,000 “Guns” are being used by schools to help kids work harder and get better faster.  And that is the goal of Shoot-A-Way!  John says the greatest rewards are the letters and pictures from coaches and players thanking him for giving them a way to reach their goals and achieve success.  That is what keeps his passion going for developing new products.  The success of this company is only for the blessings of God, and we try to honor God in all that we do.

Troy PictureTroy started out his career as a math teacher and basketball coach in the State of Colorado. During his 9 year tenure as a head coach, he led his teams to four Final Four appearances, four district championships, and a Colorado State Championship in 2001. He was named 2001 2A Colorado Boys' Coach of the Year, and in 2006, was named 2A Colorado Girls' Coach of the Year. This success all started in 2000, when Coach Geiser made a commitment to his team and became one of the first programs in Colorado to purchase a “Gun”. He wanted to make sure the athletes in his small school were provided with the best resources possible for success. After his State Championship in 2001, Troy became committed to providing the same resources to athletes throughout the state, and became the Colorado Sales Representative for Shoot-A-Way. In 2007, Troy resigned his teaching and coaching positions and is now the Vice President of Shoot-A-Way. His commitment and dedication is now larger than ever. He found a way for his team, then his state, and now you. Troy now leads our team in the day-to-day business of providing your athletes with the best resources available on the market.

Shane Adams has been a Shoot-A-Way clinician since 2004, demonstrating at more than 50 clinics over the past 10 years.  He started out as a Colorado rep. with Shoot-A-Way in 2003, and has been working as a National Sales Rep in Ohio since 2008.  Adams has coached high school basketball for eight seasons, five years in Colorado and three years in Ohio. His teams have captured four conference championships, two regional titles, two Elite Eight crowns and one state championship. In Ohio, Adams was boys’ basketball coach at Upper Sandusky High School from 2010-13 with a record of 38-25. In Colorado, Adams was a boys’ basketball assistant at Sangre de Cristo High School for three seasons, helping the team to a 61-13 record over that span and a state championship in 2001. He became the Sangre de Christo girls’ head coach for two seasons, going 32-12 and leading the team to a regional crown. He also has been a girls’ basketball head coach at Del Norte (Colo.) High School and an assistant women’s basketball coach at Adams State College in Colorado. Adams also owned and operated the ABC Basketball Skills Academy from 2004-08. He specialized in shooting and skills instruction for junior high and high school athletes from all over the state of Colorado 

EricEric has worked for Shoot-A-Way since 1995. Eric can help you with any problem you might have concerning your machine. He has worked on the mechanics of our machines for over 13 years and has the background and knowledge to quickly create a solution for any problem you might have. Eric is knowledgeable in the area of troubleshooting, so call him with any questions you might have concerning the proper mechanical use of our machines.

BrentBrent has worked for Shoot-A-Way since 2003. Brent can help you with any troubleshooting or maintenance situations you may encounter. He tests every machine to make sure it is running effectively before we ship it to you. When it comes to our machines, Brent knows them inside and out, and he wants to make sure all equipment is working properly for all coaches. If you ever need service, parts, or just have a question concerning the maintenance of your machine, please feel free to call Brent. He can solve your problems and get your machine up and running.

KelleyKelley has worked for Shoot-A-Way since December of 1996. Kelley works directly with coaches through the purchasing process and manages financing for all purchases through Shoot-A-Way. Kelley's experience enables her to effectively answer any questions you might have throughout the ordering process. She is often the voice on the other end of the line when you call us at Shoot-A-Way. Her eager and enthusiastic attitude is a direct connection from us to you! She is always willing to help and answer any questions you might have.

DougDoug has worked for Shoot-A-Way since 1999. Doug's expertise in website design and internet marketing has allowed Shoot-A-Way to conveniently provide you with the resources we currently offer at . His creative graphics and color design help us implement the logos for each customized machine. Doug also has the focused ability to make sure all things run smoothly on the shop floor, where your machine is produced and tested.